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Service Advantage

Service Advantage

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Customize services to ensure security

For special goods and special addresses, crowdsourcing can provide customers with customization of professional advisory logistics schemes to ensure smooth freight transportation and customs clearance safety.


Professional system, self-tracking

ZBAO Logistics Self-developed Logistics Operating System can be customized and optimized according to customers'needs. Customers can inquire the price by themselves and track the status of goods transportation.


Product diversity, economy and efficiency

ZBAO logistics products are diversified, which can cover the needs of all kinds of customers in the market, provide high cost-effective logistics products, and provide professional services to ensure logistics safety.


Spacing Assurance

ZBAO Logistics and strong shipping companies directly sign quality contracts, even in the peak season of logistics, can ensure the stability of cabin, price lock, customers need not worry about flipping cabinets, can not get high-quality cabin.

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